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  S.M.A.R.T - Safer Motorcycle Advanced Rider Training Program


"Be the best rider you can be"
- Mick Doohan, five times MotoGP Champion and SMART Ambassador (2007-2012)


WHAT is S.M.A.R.T ?

As Patron of the Safer Motorcycle Advanced Rider Training (SMART) program (2007-2012), Mick wanted to help motorcycle riders be the best (and safest) they could as he believes rider education and ongoing training are the keys to avoiding crashes.

SMART was a road safety initiative that offered professional instruction for licensed motorcycle riders to reduce their chances of crashing when faced with challenging road conditions.

The SMART initiative's overall objective was to reduce the incident of motorcycle crashes in the city (Gold Coast) and to promote safe motorcycle travel by improving rider skills and knowledge of local and hinterland roads

Mick Doohan endorses the SMART Safer Motorcycle Advanced Rider Training Program

Mick Doohan Ambassador for the SMART safer  motorcycle advanced rider training

QUICK FACTS - Queensland Transport and Queensland Police Service research and statistics have shown that some riders involved in accidents on Gold Coast roads may not have had the necessary skills to adequately control their motorcycles. There is also evidence through industry feedback, that ownership of motorcycles and scooters is increasing on the Gold Coast due to their affordability and economical running costs, making this a more desirable mode of transport.

The SMART program offered two levels of 'road skills' based training:

* Experienced 1 - requiring participants to have had at least one year of regular riding on an open licence.

* Experienced 2 - requiring participants to have had at least five years regular riding on an open licence.

Course features

* full day instructed ride
* personalised, small group training
* hazard perception training
* risk identification
* motorcycle care
* protective clothing
* motorcycle set up: brakes, clutch, chain, lights, cables, mirrors, tyres, suspension

and more...

Mick Doohan launches the SMART program at Gold Coast City Council Chambers.

For further information about the now closed program, please contact Gold Coast council's Road Safety Unit on (07) 5667 3624 or email kburton@goldcoast.qld.gov.au or contact Council's Corporate Communication branch on (07) 5581 6976.

Mick Doohan :: Official Website :: 5 times 500cc MotoGP World Champion :: Fan Club :: Racing Career :: Memorabilia
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