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Mick Doohan's Motocoaster
Getaway's Jules & Mick go head to head on the Dreamworld Moto Coaster...

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The 1st Aussie Motorbike Rollercoaster!

Experience the rush of motorcycle racing! Get behind the handlebars of Dreamworld’s hot new thrill ride! Racing now at Dreamworld!

Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster features a fluid track with changes in elevation and high speed corners, reaching just over 72 km per hour. The riders are held in by a unique restraint system in life-size replicas of 500cc racing bikes. So hold on and experience the next best thing to Moto GP Racing!

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"Was one of the first riders on the opening day. Absolutely breathtaking, definitely a rush! My new favourite”.Brett, 30, QLD

"A rush of energy!! Never been on anything like it!! If you thought the Giant Drop and Tower of Terror were great, wait till you get on this!!!”James, 15, VIC

“The first time I went on it I went in lane 6 and thought it was okay, but then I went in lane 1 and loved it. The front is the best place to be!”Natasha, 11, NZ

GETAWAY - Channel Nine

Mick Doohan, "the Thunder From Down Under", five-time MotoGP world champion, is regarded as one of the best motorcycle racers the world has ever seen. He began riding when he was nine and began competing in off-road events. He was runner-up in the Queensland 10-12-year-old championship and made his racing debut in 1984 on a Yamaha RZ350.

Mick won the MotoGP world championship title for the first time when he won the 11th round of the 1994 series, the Czech Grand Prix at Brno. His victory left him with an unbeatable lead of 87 points with three races remaining. He went on to win the next four years in a row. An accident in Jerez, Spain at 200mph caused Mick to sustain a broken leg, shoulder and wrist, and he carries plates and screws in his body as a result of corrective surgery.

The Mick Doohan Motocoaster was launched at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast in September, and as Mick is a real fan of the amusement park, he was keen to get people interested and involved in his industry. He lives not far away from Dreamworld, so it's a perfect location for a ride with his name on it.

The ride has two trains of 16 custom-made motorbikes. The last two are fitted with purpose-built sidecars for children. The track is 605 metres long and has 18 banks, bends and turns placing emphasis on high-speed corners, last-minute braking and plenty of open throttle. Take-off is fast — just like the real thing. Bikes launch from the starting line in excess of 20 metres a second and reach speeds of just over 72 kph.

Unlike regular rollercoasters where riders have a safety bar at the front, the bikes have a safety bar across the lower back so riders are hunched over, just the same as real riders. Motocoaster is built low to the ground to increase speed and movement and simulate high speed bike racing.

There is a Hall of Fame with memorabilia and a Pit Shop with plenty of tempting merchandise and a Honda racing bike for photographs.
Location Queensland's Gold Coast.

For more information on Mick Doohan Motocoaster Dreamworld Coomera Qld - Ph: (07) 5588 1111 :: Toll free: 1800 073 300 ::

SOURCE | Getaway on Nine - Thursday, November 8, 2007


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